LEDA's Mission Is To Spur Economic Growth In The Lander Area. 

The goal of the Lander Economic Development Association (LEDA) is to promote the Lander business environment. 

We pursue this goal by working to develop a sustainable, business-friendly environment, which broadens the opportunities for our existing businesses, and enables recruitment of new employees and businesses to our community. Continued growth will improve the already exceptional quality of life that characterizes Lander and its surrounding area.

LEDA believes in deep collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas with our partners in the non-profit sector, government, and private business, in order to promote successful innovation.

Our vision is to facilitate responsible, sustainable growth by engaging people and businesses to enhance their existing operations or relocate to Lander, while preserving the uniquely diverse character of the Lander area and maintaining the open spaces that contribute to quality of life.



Community building is the essence of LEDA. Our guiding principles are infrastructure development, innovation, fiscal responsibility, and collaboration with local, state, and regional partners.



“Lander is a Hot bargain where Stetsons meet Birkenstocks”
— National Geographic Adventure Magazine


Main page photo generously donated by Brad Christensen