Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is LEDA?

LEDA stands for the Lander Economic Development Association and is composed of 13 community members from diverse backgrounds and encompassing a broad spectrum of expertise. Our mission is to spur economic development and we try to achieve this goal by facilitating a business friendly environment primarily through infrastructure projects and thereby enhancing business opportunities in our community.

We are all committed community members who support our local businesses, and welcome new businesses because we love living here and want Lander to  grow sustainably into the future.

We are looking to the future to promote new under-represented businesses and innovative clean industries that will create the jobs of tomorrow and give critical support to currently existing industries, which are driving Lander today.

LEDA focuses on community relevant projects, which will build 21st century infrastructure for sustainable future growth. For example, we are leading the task force to bring twice daily jet service to Riverton Regional Airport to increase air service  capacity and have worked with national telecommunication companies to install redundant fiberoptic lines, which will provide the necessary infrastructure for tech company relocation as well as promote competitive pricing for internet services for pre-existing businesses.

Why should I get involved with LEDA?

Lander's future success is founded on the entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders who are growing our local economy every day, one job at a time. 

Ensuring Lander's future requires supporters like you who get personally involved in growing Lander's businesses.

Working collaboratively and sharing diverse ideas is a guaranteed way to energize our community.  

Economic prosperity based on a diverse economy with an emphasis on quality of life will increase our business potential and make Lander a role model of regional success.

How can LEDA help me?

We can connect you with successful entrepreneurs and specialists that can offer you guidance and assistance in growing your business or starting a new business!

We can advise you regarding business opportunities, research, market data, accounting and bookkeeping systems, along with financial management, loan application reviews, or start up assistance.

We can also serve as a stepstone for professional networking. 

If we don't have the answers to your questions we will locate someone who can.