Ways to Get Involved


Give today!

Donors play an essential role in providing critical financial resources. Donated funds are used to support a wide range of sustainable, community based infrastructure projects in the Lander area. Donations of any size are welcome and greatly appreciated.



Give back to your community!

The residents of Lander are passionate about the community they live in! 

Participate in projects that we are actively pursuing, or give us your ideas regarding new projects. You can volunteer your time and expertise by serving on committees, task forces, and/or advisory groups assembled around specific projects.

Join the discussion about strategies for business friendly policies throughout our area.

Collaborate with LEDA's partner agencies to influence public policy, and help businesses grow.


Participate in Special Events

Offer a clinic or workshop, write a grant, volunteer, or become a sponsor!

LEDA greatly appreciates the community's support of our mission to spur economic development in the Lander area.


Tell your family & friends both inside & outside of Lander about LEDA 

Get the word out about our community!

Talk with your family and friends about Lander and LEDA. Make as many people as possible aware of what Lander is all about...interesting people, natural beauty, sustainability, and a business friendly environment.  

The more people who know about Lander's vibrant community the more likely someone is to move to Lander and join a current business, or open a new business. 

Tell everyone you know that you live and work where other people come to vacation!

Future prosperity is based on Lander's entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders growing our local economy every day, one job at a time.

We are looking to the future to promote new under-represented businesses and innovative clean industries that will create the jobs of tomorrow and give critical support to existing industries, which are driving Lander today.


Main page photo generously donated by Scott Copeland